We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a startup based in Uttarakhand. Our company has been recognized by DPITT and incubated at IIM Kashipur Foundation for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development (FIED). We are committed to delivering high-quality consulting services to our customers, and we take pride in our innovative approach to business. Our team consists of seasoned professionals with extensive expertise in the industry. We are dedicated to continuous improvement and staying ahead of the curve in our field. Thank you for considering our company for your business needs.

Our Services

Business Consulting

We take pride in our team of skilled consultants who leverage their extensive industry expertise and global affiliations to deliver unparalleled consulting solutions. Our commitment to providing robust technology insights equips businesses with the necessary tools to attain growth and execute their strategies efficiently.

Managed Services

As a business partner, we strive to establish a self-sustainable operating model that ensures absolute excellence in managing your business-critical environments. We endeavor to provide optimal performance from your technology assets and human capital, just as we have done for our existing clients. Your company can count on our unwavering commitment to delivering flawless operations and exceptional service.

Corporate Trainings

In today's dynamic economy, the acquisition of new skills within a supportive environment and timing is essential for any business to thrive. Our company specializes in enhancing skills through personalized learning methods, tailored content development, and immersive engagement strategies that incorporate technological and behavioral aspects.

Our Solutions

Cyber Security

Ensuring safety is our topmost priority. At our organization, we believe in fostering partnerships to create secure business and technology environments.

Integrated Tourism

Our goal is to create sustainable, community-based tourism in Uttarakhand. We'll do this by valuing the region's unique heritage, working closely with local stakeholders and following best practices. Let's work together to establish a responsible and respected sector for all.


We provide custom learning frameworks to support various domains. Our experts design training programs tailored to your organization's specific needs, using innovative methodologies and technologies for efficient learning. Expect top-notch, immersive training for your workforce. We enable your employees to become experts in their fields, supporting your organization to reach its full potential.

Why Choose Us ?

end to end business solution

Edvsol is an end to end business solution provider aiming to provide smart solutions to communities.

fair Business practices

We adapt to fair Business practices and as a social obligation, we are committed to protect the Environment and support Green initiatives.

trusted professionals

We are a group of seasoned professionals from different spheres of  IT Industry, Govt. services, Journalism and Logistics with a passion to transform our communities through IT enabled smart solutions.

techno-social platform

We provide an integrated techno-social platform integrating agriculture, tourism, art & craft, folk music and heritage packaged as destination experiences.


mysoulstay - A true travel companion throughout the journey…

Mysoulstay provides travel experiences, positively impacting the traveller and the local community in each destination visited. Our idea of tourism is to discover yourself while enjoying the grand Himalayas, white water springs, lush green forests, terraced farming fields, rivulets of mineral water and flora and fauna of the beautiful surroundings with a traditional community touch